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A message from Coach Danny

What is Crossing the Goal?

Crossing the Goal Ministries (CTG) was created to be an outreach ministry to men concerning their spiritual well-being. I have personally been involved in Catholic Men’s ministry for 25 years and I have seen a growing need for resources, adapted solely for men, that would challenge them to become spiritually fit.
For this reason, the CTG team began developing resources, beginning with a TV show, Crossing the Goal, that airs on EWTN television and radio and can also be viewed here on this website. Springing forth from the shows, the team developed sets of DVDs based on the various episodes along with sets of questions that can be used either personally or in a group setting which are called Spiritual Fitness Workouts (SFW). This site has a wealth of resources for men who want to start a group at their own parish.

Your Game PlanWhat are Spiritual Fitness Workout Groups?

  • Format
  • Coaching Points
  • Notes for the Leader
  • Tips for Facilitators
Segment 1: Warm-up (large group)
  • Welcome - any new members?
  • Prayer and optional song
  • Accountability: Leader have the men review previous week's action item
  • Total time: 15 min.
Segment 2: Workout (large group)
  • Workout leader starts the workout by showing the large group the DVD-kickoff, game plan, and red zone
  • Total time: 20 min. (approximately)
Segment 3: Sharing (small groups)
  • Large group breaks into small groups of 5-7 men
  • Leader appoints Facilitators for each small group
  • Facilitator leads the men in discussion of episode by utilizing the questions downloaded from the website
  • Questions are divided into two categories: 1) Warm-up questions; 2) Workout questions
  • Total time: 45-50 minutes
Segment 4: Action item (large group)
  • Workout leader shows large group the end zone
  • Each man takes a couple minutes to write down one action item he would like to accomplish before the next workout
  • Total time: 5 min

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Coaching Points for a Great Workout
  • Each team member should purchase his own DVD (group pricing is available) or watch streaming right here
  • Questions can be downloaded from this website for free
  • Make a hard copy of the questions
  • Each team member should view the episode for the week prior to attending the workout
  • The questions should be completed prior to the workout
  • Bring the questions to the workout, so that you can refer to your notes during the sharing/discussion portion of the workout
  • Make a concerted effort to accomplish your action item for the week
  • Note: If possible, review and reflect on prior week's content to help make it stick.

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Workout Group Leader Responsibilities and Notes
  • The initial "Starting Team" should be no more than 10 members, including yourself as the group leader. Build from that base until you reach a cap of 15 men. Once you reach 15, a couple of the men should break off and form a new " Starting Team" of no more than 10 new men.
  • Prepare for each meeting by, at the very least, watching the episode and reviewing the questions
  • Make sure the room is properly set up
  • Double-check all of the equipment and ,ake sure the TV, DVD, and/or computer are properly connected
  • Have a CD player on hand for the music, if necessary
  • Have designated facilitators planned for each meeting who can lead the small group discussions
  • Find several guys who can take turns opening and closing meeting rooms
  • Optional: Provide refreshments - purchasing soft drinks, coffee, cookies, etc. creates a sense of welcome and makes for a nice touch
  • At the end of the meeting EVERYONE makes sure room is put back in order

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Tips for workout group facilitators
  • Create a “safe place” - everything said in the group stays in the group and is held in STRICT CONFIDENCE
  • Keep everything moving; if the discussion lags, move on to the next question
  • Keep an eye on the clock
  • Stay on the subject at hand: don’t get off-base
  • Don’t allow one person to dominate the sharing; if this happens, you must kindly interrupt so that you can move on
  • You don’t need to comment on the men’s answers to the discussion questions
  • All members, and their sharing, are of equal value; there are no gurus here
  • Discussion of public figures and issues should be discouraged – this is not a debating session
  • Discussion of church figures and issues should be discouraged
  • Personal counseling during the meetings should be avoided
  • Personal experiences can be shared but any major issues should be handled outside of the meeting
  • Sensitive and difficult disclosures and sharing can be followed by taking time out to pray
  • Be sensitive to the movement of the Holy Spirit and flexible to follow that movement
  • Start and stop on time

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Training VideoSpiritual Fitness Workout Groups

Interested in learning more? Read more about Spiritual Fitness Workout Groups and how you can use them for effective, faithful Catholic Men's Ministry.

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Your Complete Lineup

Whether you are ordering for yourself or your Spiritual Fitness Workout Group, we have everything you need to get up and running. To ensure you get the most out of your workout, Coach Danny has put together the following Spiritual Fitness Lineup. Start at the top with Power of the Spirit and then, begin working your way down the list choosing one series from each of the three categories – until you have completed the entire list. This will give your group a variety of topics over an extended period of time. Order a single DVD for yourself, or save on a 10-pack for your group. Either way, a question guide is provided for you to download and use free of charge.


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